Confessions from the mother of a swearing two-year-old

If Harry comes up to you and says a bad word, it is not our fault. We've been really good about curbing our trucker mouths, with the worst phrase Harry repeating from us being "Goodness Gracious!" but in the past few weeks we've had no sleep, bad colds and lots of change. In our sleepless haze, I guess we slacked a bit and a few bad words have slipped out here and there. Harry has caught each and EVERY one, then chanted it gleefully around the house.
We've learned our lesson.


Linda said...

Such an angel! This isn't fake at all. Love it! Nana

Mindy said...

Hah! Charlie uses the expression "What the!" very often (including at school, which is embarrassing), which of course, she learned from us. Thankfully when we have said it in front of her, we never finished the expression with some of our favorite curse words.