Pumpkin Patch

Along with most of Chicagoland, we headed out to the pumpkin farm on Sunday. Seriously, they had to have cops directing traffic to the...pumpkin patch! Your tax dollars at work -- heading off road rage incidents in the pumpkin patch parking lot.
Anyway, Harry loved the hayride, straw tunnel, apple cider donuts and of course, the hundreds of pumpkins everywhere.

Disgusted after he realizes this is in fact not a real car.
"I'm outta here..."

Our pumpkin in pumpkinland

Harry trying to lift the pumpkin he has picked out. "Grrrrrrrrrrr......." While this boy has quite a will, he is not as strong as he thinks.

I'll just sit on it instead.

No way! A tractor ride too!
(Daddy's looking a little tired after several 4-5 a.m. Harry wakeup calls this week. But still he gets up early for the Sunday morning trip out to the exurbs of Chicago. That's why we keep him around.)

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