This Week at Hello Harry to the Max

I'm ready for the real stuff, Mom!

"Give me a break, Harry...You so do not care about me eating solids, you're just playing it up for the camera!"
Actually Harry gagged when I showed him the pureed carrots I intended to serve to Max. "No like them!" he said.

"Hmm..maybe I like them?"

"No, definitely not. In fact come here and let me give you a good smack."

A few days later, he loves the rice cereal.
Aha! Now try resisting this, Max! You non-sleep-through-the-nighter!
After six months of middle-of-the-night feedings, we were desperate to get this baby to sleep through the night, and willing to try anything -- including entering back into the reswaddling phase with the miracle blanket. But he busted out of it within minutes. Sigh.

We get a surprising amount of traffic for a side street. Here is an example of the lanes of traffic that develop in our hallway during rush hour.
"Look at me! You put me down way over THERE, Mom, and now I'm way over HERE! I can move now! And I can get to all of brother's toys!"
Max is mobile! Not crawling yet, but he manages to get where he wants with a quick roll, stretch and a heave in just a few seconds. I am frightened.

Who is watching these children? Is Harry biting Max? (No, just showing his love, I assure you.)


"We love sharing apples!"
Here is a rare photo of this crew of two-year-olds sharing. In this case, apples that were divided up for them, without their consent. Often any two members of this posse can be found wrestling over a toy that one didn't even know he or she wanted until another picked it up. They're so cute though!