Trick or Treating

Our camera gave out on us in the middle of Halloween, so I don't have as many photos to choose from as I would like. Here, you may be able to tell from the cheeks peeking out that this is Max as a green dinosaur. He was very laid back about wearing the costume, smiling and shaking his big green tail.

Harry the firefighter.

We practiced trick or treating for a couple weeks ahead of time. (Harry is in a solid I-am-2-and-I -don't-like-anything-outside-of-my-normal-routine phase) When the time came, he was actually way into it, which was a nice surprise. "I go more trick or treating?" he asked. We were very proud that he actually said "Trick or treat?" and said "Thank you."

These two must have pulled a double or something, because they're not looking so happy to be firefighters.

Look Harry! There's the cutest Kermit the frog I've seen.

Trick or treating for the first time. You will also get a glimpse of James in his very appropriate Yoda costume. As a new walker, he walked exactly like the old Jedi master. Oh, and don't be frightened by the very large Viking. That's just Uncle Aaron.

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