Who's Got Your Nose?

(BTW, I am not pregnant again. Apparently seeing this ultrasound photo pop up startles some people like my Mom. But, we here at Hello Harry are not sleeping through the night yet, let alone thinking about adding more babies to our brood!)

We knew two things about Max before he was born. One, he was very active (lots and lots of kicking and flips). And two, he had a cute upturned nose, which we saw on this ultrasound photo at 20 weeks. (We actually didn't even know that he was a he until we met him on May 4th.)

And we wondered: where did that upturned nose come from? It's adorable, but it didn't appear to look like any noses in either of our families.

See...here's Max with that adorable little nose.
Then....I took a closer look at the photo below, of Rob as a baby, and Max, I think I've found your nose! Take a look...


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh my baby brother Rob with that little up-turned nose! Genetics are a funny thing - never know what combination will come out.

Kate said...

so cute! and I was surprised how much harry looks like little rob, too.

and of course your ultrasound pic gave me a split second shock of "OMG she's pregnant!"

Nana said...

I, too, thought is she trying to tell me something with an ultrasound?

Rob is so CUTE! That turned up nose is definitely Rob's.

You two make adorable babies. Love, Nana

Erik said...


Rob was blonde when he was a tyke?

That explains a lot ...