Songs on Demand


Harry and Max often demand that bedtime songs be written on the fly to suit their whims. Last night, Max asked for a song about "M&Ms." Several months ago, during the duo's obsession with railroad crossings, I wrote a song about such crossings. Now, BOTH Rob and I have to sing the song separately each night, as if we are in a talent show competition. Max also sings along, which I find quite adorable, but you be the judge.


Kate said...

ack! cutest thing ever.

Beth said...

And you mean to tell us that child does not sleep?? He looks SO sleepy in that video! Adorable!

Nana said...

This is the most ADORABLE video of Rob and Max ever! Rob is so serious and rocking Max the whole time - I want to learn it so I can sing it to Max, too!