Baseball in Slow Motion

Our Saturday mornings are now spent at T-Ball, and I think Harry actually is liking it. And for most of the time, he is paying attention. But I must say a T-Ball game is baseball in sloooooooowwwww motion. Case in point: Harry hits the ball but must have a minute of coaxing before he drops the bat and then runs to the base. (You can hear Daddy in the background :)


And here he is running to third base, and then home. (He's in the red helmet.) Yay Harry! But I love the amount of direction - and the number of dads - involved in pulling off the homerun.


And here is Harry and his buddy, Truman. Harry and Truman!


Beth said...

And batting left handed?? Super studly...

Nana said...

What can I say, but I love the running in slow motion with the gigantic helmet on! He definitely looks like a south paw.