Sharing a Room!

Yes, Harry and Maxwell now share the same room! They both love it. In fact, Max goes to bed so much easier that we wondered if maybe part of his longtime sleeping issues had to do with just feeling kind of lonely in a darkened room by himself. We ultimately were pushed into combining them into one room because we are putting out condo on the market and thought that the potential buyers looking at this place most likely were not going to have two kids already. Better to show one room off as an office or something similar.

When we asked the boys if they wanted to share a room, they danced around and paraded through the house gleeful at the idea. Harry told us "I'm so excited!" Max was all about it until it came time to actually lay down in his crib, then he seemed a bit confused about why it was in Harry's room. But he laid down and we closed the door. As soon as we did, we heard Max say "Hi Bro-yer" and they burst into giggles. The first night required several interventions from Mom and Dad, but eventually they settled down. Max woke up a couple times in the middle of the night and just seemed kind of disoriented.

It's gotten better since that time, and been hilarious to watch them. Max now just lays right down in his little corner of the crib with his "puppa," "shnoggie," and "bankie." (Puppy, Froggie and Blankie) He doesn't require quite as many "sogs" (songs). Harry's biggest concern is "Max is going to talk!" One night after putting them to bed, we heard some noise. I opened the door and they both looked so guilty. Busted! Max's crib was filled with toys, and Harry was dancing in front of Max's crib. They both laid down immediately. So cute.

The roomsharing has forced a reshuffling of the bedtime routine. They both now go to bed at the same time, which means Harry goes to bed slightly earlier and Max slightly later.

I don't have any photos yet of the new bedtime, but here are the brothers in action.

This is called "boxhead." And they will play this for a very long time together, walking through the house with the diaper box on their heads.

Max's handiwork while I was in the bathroom. Remarkably, I got this out!

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Kate said...

yea! this gives me great hope. but I think I may have to treat myself to a video monitor...I'll just want to know so badly what they're up to down there!