First Real Haircuts

Max got his first real haircut, and he looks like a little boy now! Wah! Where's my little baby? I've cut Harry's hair since he was 1, so this was his first real haircut too. The stylist lured him into the truck seat/styling chair by playing Toy Story 3. But then she started spraying water at him. He didn't like it, but suffered silently.

Look how much he loved his first haircut.

Max's "before" shot.

Max's turn. Their different personalities showed through in their reactions to the hairdresser. Harry freaked out silently. Max gave a bunch of dirty looks, then pointed to the door and said "OUT!"

He's growing up so fast. Now he's wearing Daddy's shoes!


Kate said...

their expressions are priceless!

and this post had me laughing out loud in juxtaposition to how the girls reacted to our most recent child haircutting experience.

Nana said...

They look so grown up - Harry is so serious and Max was mad the entire time and then comes out with his maxey smile to dazzle everyone! Adorable.