Spacemen don't wear clothes!

And neither does Max. It has been taking a full wrestling session (with screams) to get him dressed lately. Afterward each of us is in a really bad mood. So yesterday, after one such session, I figured.....what the heck? He seems so willing to fight for this right, maybe we should let him explore this feeling? As he ran around gleeful and squealing (albeit without clothes), I kept asking him "Are you cold? Do you want clothes?"
"No Way!" was his answer.
OK, then.

Of course, the one thing he did want to put on was a Buzz Lightyear backpack. (Cloth diapering friends: We were "stripping" our diapers at this moment.)

Those clothes were slowing down my rocketship!
Max loves to play space. Wants to be called "Pi-yot." At bedtime tonight he told me "Rocket. Pi-yot. Mars." Big plans he has!

But he will set aside everything, even outer space travels, for......CHOCOLATE! He found an empty brownie mix box in our recycling bin in the back hall and brought it to me chanting "CHOC-LAT! CHOC-LAT!" He was very frustrated that I could not just pull the brownies out of the box.

Sleepy court-jester dreaming of space.

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Nana said...

I have experienced the wrestle mania trying to change Max and so when you pick him up he is still in his PJ's! So cute - PyLot