No Way

When I picture what Max will do in the future, I could see him taking on the challenge of ultramarathons, or maybe setting records mountain climbing or being the first person in the world to do something really hard. Because the type of person who does these things never gives up, and Max NEVER, EVER, EVER gives up.

While I think this perserverance (stubborness), strength (bossiness) and dedication (one-track mindedness) will benefit him in the future, it is now creating some parenting challenges.

Recent example: His brother hates most sweets, (save for M&Ms) and cries if offered a birthday cake at his own party.

Max LOVES sweets, especially cookies and M & M's. Yesterday at dinner, Harry asked if he could have the Valentine M&Ms from his school party after he finished dinner.

Max heard the word M&Ms and decided that it would be better to have the candy instead of dinner. Wow. He did not give up. He gave us hell. He tried many different approaches: Tantrums. Politeness ("Peeze? Peeze?"). Grabbing my face in his hands and staring into my eyes while saying "Mmmmsss. Mmmmmsss" as if the problem was that I just didn't understand the word. He finally collapsed 1.5 hours past his bedtime, but woke up hours later, half asleep, mumbling about M&Ms.

So no surprise really that his new phrase of the week is "No Way!"

Mommy: "Maxwell, come here!"
Max: "No Way!"

Daddy: "Max, finish your dinner."
Max: "No Way!"

Hard not to smile. Here Mr. Cutie Pie is reading a book to himself. He is grunting and pretending to open the door that's in the picture. :) If anyone could do it, he could.

And some thing's never change. Nearing 4, Harry still stands by his belief that this is the best way to play with cars.

And at age 1.


Kate said...

this is too freaking adorable. but I admire you for being able to stay so lighthearted about it. not sure I could've endured a 2 hour epic battle over m&m's with a smile still on my face.

Crystal said...

oh, rob and i exchanged looks of horror during it! but we were both very impressed with his will. :)

Nana said...

Max does rule - especially with Nana and Papa - that's what's so great about being the grandparents and not the parents! I love your perspective on Max - it's dead on.

Stephanie said...

I still love when we were over after the blizzard and he demanded to eat his a bowl...on the couch (or 'chouck' as he referred to it.). Good thing he is so stinkin' cute.