I'm writing a book, Mommy.

Harry has become very interested in the computer keyboard and pretending like he is "working."
He will run into the office, start typing on the keyboard that is not turned on, and say "Mommy, I'm working! Let's work together!"
I will say "What are you working on?'
And he says: "My book!"
Yesterday he told our babysitter that he was up late working on his book!
At Georgia's house today, he pretended to work on the book, but she interrupted him to say she had to check her email. So Harry came up to me and said "Mommy, I need to check my im-il"
"I'm going to im-il"
Georgia set him straight ("It's E-mail!") and showed him how to check it, then they both had turns emailing before Harry returned to his book.
Wow, are they ever little sponges.
One additional quick story: Harry was watching me put on eyeliner today (not an everyday occurence for sure.) and he said: "Why are you writing on yourself?

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Kate said...

(can you tell I am trying to be a better commenter?)

love this story, except that it does make me feel a *teensy* bit bad b/c it makes me think Joe and I (or Steph?) have been checking email in front of Georgia way too much. I really do try not to!

Your son, on the other hand, sounds all cerebral and hard working, what with his book and all.