Harry, You are My Son (to be read in Darth Vader's Voice)

Much to Rob's delight, Harry has become interested in a new form of transportation: Space. We have watched Harry lose himself playing "spaceship" for hours as he flies lego ships through the house. (Max also makes everything a spaceship now, with sound effects and everything.)

Then came the day I think Rob has been waiting for since we first became pregnant. We decided Harry was ready for the X-Wing Fighter! Yes, Rob has a couple bins of his old Star Wars toys (with boxes and everything, because this is Rob we are talking about.) He had been saving them just for this day.

Even though he's never seen the movie, Harry was instantly taken with the ship. Harry has been flying it around nonstop and even wants to sleep with it at night.

Like father, like son.

Wait until we get out the stormtroopers ship!


Nana said...

May the force be with them both! Oh such memories of the past - his mom and aunties loved Star Wars and Papa and Great Grandma Sally were the biggest fans! I can't wait for Harry to see Star Wars now. I'm sure Papa would sit through one more time for sure.

Kate said...

love it. that photo could be from 2010 or 1980.