In Defense of His Brother...

Yesterday Max smeared his jelly-covered face all over a giant pile of newly washed sheets, pillows and blankets that he was using to make a "fortress."
Sighing loudly, I said "Max, you are driving me crazy!"
Taking this scene in, Harry told me: "But Mommy, Max is a really good builder. He can build anything -- Legos and forts!" He said it like he was trying to remind that Max had some positive attributes, so we should probably keep him around. :)

I WILL get up to the top!


Beth said...

Seriously May??? You realize that tomorrow is October 1st? You have no updates from the entire summer????

Kate said...

Okay, even if you're going to let your blog die, which YOU SHOULD NOT PLEASE (!!), you've got to at least make a quickie post mentioning that you have a third child. 5 minutes of computer work at 1 a.m. while you're nursing could save Vivian years of therapy. ; )