What These Two are Up To

--Is pronouncing his r's as l's right now...Refers to his "Froggy" lovey as "Floggy." Found him hiding outside the bathroom door while Harry was inside. He told me "I'm going to Suplise Harry!"
--Only participates in toddler basketball because of the snacks. Otherwise, lays on the floor. Last week, the mom charged with snack duty waved a bag of fruit snacks in front of him, and he ran out on the floor and made a basket! (OK, Coach Tim had to lift him up.) Then he laid back down on the ground.
--Loves individually wrapped items. He is so intrigued by them. We are at odds on this issue because I hate them for the needless waste but they are so effective at bribing him!
--Had a tantrum last week because I would not let him drive the minivan. True story.

--Is doing somersaults and learning to skip at his Tumblebears gymnastic class.
--Is obsessed with our new wii fit, which I allow him to use in the afternoon when we can't go outside. The idea is he burns excess energy this way instead of doing laps around the kitchen and driving me crazy, or wrestling his brother and ending up in time out. His approach: "Mommy, can I do the wii fit? It's really healthy to exercise." Isn't he good?
But he beats me every time we try to race. I know I can run so much faster than him, but somehow the way the wii fit registers his little body makes him a superfast runner! I nearly pass out trying to beat him! Love that he will run for like 25 minutes without stopping though.
--Loves eating clementines.
--Is often worried that we will run out of gas. He checks in with me often to make sure we will make it to our destination. Also does not believe that people will be able to find our new house. When I tell him someone is coming to visit, he says "But they don't know the way here!"

Oh these boys. Love them.


Stephanie said...

I love them too. I also love when you finally get around to updating your blog. Is it just me?

Nana said...

I love when you write about them because you 'nail' it! These two are amazing little people and I love them absolutely!