A Busytown Mystery

The boys love to watch "Busytown Mysteries" on Saturday mornings, which is based off their favorite books by Richard Scarry. We had our own Busytown Mystery recently when we discovered a slight bruise on Max's upper arm. Max plays HARD, so he often has bruises, cuts and injuries, but we can always explain them. Rob and I could not figure out where this came from, which worried us.

Over the next few days, the bruise darkened and filled in, and we got a big break. The bruise looked like bite marks.

And one of the teeth imprints had a suspicious gap in the middle.

Hmmm. Who could possibly be responsible?

In Harry's defense, he is not a biter, but Max has had his issues with biting, so maybe he had his fill one day when Mom and Dad weren't looking?

Now some positive news about the boys, who bring us many smiles throughout the day, despite these recent postings about sleep and biting:

Harry is reading!

Max is going on the potty a couple times a day!


Here is Big Brother looking out for little brother on the train. We were headed downtown and Harry held onto Max the whole time. He once got up to look out the window and said: "Mommy, will you hold onto Max while I look out the window?" Sure, buddy.

Oh, how I love when they do awesome, spontaneous, loving things like this.

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Kate said...

cute, cute, cute. (minus the biting of course.)

READING! That's so cool.