Snore..... But not the kind we want to hear.

If you've talked to us in the past two years, you may have learned that Max does not like to sleep. Like ever.

At first, we thought it was a normal infant behavioral thing and treated it as such. We tried Cry It Out, which worked beautifully with Harry (and apparently every other baby in Chicago). We tried a lot of things. But he rarely napped. He woke throughout the night. When we got to a year and he was still waking so often, we just blamed it on ourselves. We are obviously horrible parents! Our baby won't ever sleep!

People kept dishing up the solution to us "Just let him cry."

But oh lord, you have not met this child! He does not cry, he screams. And he can hold out longer than you can. ALWAYS. Like for hours. So we tried treating him for acid reflux. Maybe he had allergies? All of these things took awhile to sort out, before we had a sleep study and learned that poor little Max could not breathe properly when he slept so he was waking up alarmed because he could not breathe! Talk about guilt!

So last week, the little man had his adenoids removed, which were the world's most giant adenoids, apparently.

The docs got him ready by letting him pick the scent on his little anesthesia delivery mechanism. They gave him a giant list and he chose without hesitation "Bubble Gum." Which he has never had. But he was so certain.

And he loved the bubble gum scent.

Little pumpkin in his hospital gown and socks.

Max and Daddy during the hours we had to entertain him beforehand.

After the surgery, and after the morphine had kicked in.

Fully awake and not a happy camper.

Obviously fully recovered and embracing summer. Update: As of Friday he was still mouth-breathing and night-waking. This afternoon during naps, I noticed he was breathing through his nose! Hope to see some great sleeping soon!

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Kate said...

It's your new tag line!
Crystal: Fully awake and not a happy camper since 2009.

Just kidding around. Surgery must've been so tough to deal with - scary! Glad he's doing well and I hope the super slumber comes SOON.