Grammy's House

We headed down to Grammy's house recently, and Harry and Max had a blast, as evidenced below.

We broke up the trip with a stop at the dairy farm tourist trap that we pass about two hours into the drive. Oh, how Max loves "chock-lat"! Harry, of course, declined all offers of ice cream.

Harry getting a push from one of his favorite people, cousin Cameron. Max is a big fan too. After Cameron left, Max asked us: "Cam-ron com-ing?"

Working the "bob the builder" tools at Grammy's park.

Syd and Max at the park

I suspect this hat is a hand-me-down from Sam T. Looks very "aussie" to me.

Max trying to flip his big brother off the teeter-totter at the children's museum.

Inside a bubble

Daddy had to try it out all alone too.

Making bubbles. This was really fun. I highly recommend a visit to Columbus, Ind. It's a very cool place in an unexpected location.


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