"It's Complicated"

This is Harry's favorite phrase as of late: "It's complicated."

Hi, you're 3 years old. What's complicated?

Oh, so much. Today he woke up crying. I went to comfort him, he asked me to leave and close the door "so I can go back to sleep." OK, I did as requested, and he cried as if I had abandoned him for good. I went back in and he said: "I'm crying, Mommy." Yeah, I got that. He did this with a couple other situations, like going to the store (He wanted to go to the store, then cried when I tried to put his coat on, then cried when I started to leave without him because he wouldn't put his coat on. Ugh.)

I give you that. It IS complicated.

I chalk up his new vocabulary to "Arthur." We rotate in the "programs" (his word) that he watches in the morning, and Arthur is a new favorite. It's all about relationships, acceptance and social interaction. (One recent cartoon was about a kid in the class who has Asperger's Syndrome, one was about not getting invited to a birthday party.) Anyway, he loves it and has a list of new phrases that he pulls out. In addition to "It's complicated" there's "Mommy, you're impossible!"

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Nana said...

Nana and Papa are laughing out loud and telling each other "It's complicated". Thanks for documenting their lives for us - it helps that you're a great writer!