Happy Birthday Harry!

Three years old! He's such a little boy these days. He's stubborn, but very sweet, serious but very silly. A couple weeks ago, he started asking "Is my birthday coming up?" He was definitely into birthday celebrations this year -- but still, rejected my birthday cake. "No like it, Mommy!"

Birthday Part I: The playdate party

When Frank & Nicki came over that day, Harry tackled them in the doorway and opened the gift they brought -- his first of the day. Cranky the Crane! Sam arrived for the playdate party and they both laid on the floor entranced by this new Thomas set. For a 2 and 3 year old, I think they actually played pretty well with it, with only occasional wrestling matches over Thomas and Rusty.

Max breaks out his best bunny face to try to impress his girlfriend, Little Lady June (Georgia's baby sister, for those of you who've not yet seen her on our blog.)

The games begin. Instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," we did "Pin the Wheel on Lightning McQueen." Sam takes a shot. Sofia studies his technique so she can figure out how to win the game.

Georgia looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to put the blindfold on, because obviously, the game is much easier if you can see the Lightning McQueen! Here, she takes her turn.

Harry peeks.

Good thing he's spent months of his life studying Lightning McQueen, because he knew just where the wheel went. (He was probably peeking. I couldn't tell.)

Sofia's turn. She was a big fan of the game. Yay! Somebody liked my game!

Ring Around the Rosies! This was a crowd pleaser, until I provided the background that the song was written about children falling ill during the plague. Hmmm, maybe not the best fun fact to share at the kids birthday party.

"I want to play too!" says Mr. Max, who even made sound effects for the trains in his attempt to join the older boys.

Opening his presents from Gramy. He got really into it, and excitedly ripped open this envelope then exclaimed: "A CARD!"

Part II of the birthday: Pizza, cake and presents with the family. Here he opens the replica L trains that Mom and Dad got him. He obviously pays close attention when we ride the CTA trains because we overheard him saying: "Doors open on the left at Kimball." Aww, my little city boy.

"Everyone is singing to me!"

Birthday Boys. Uncle Joe's birthday is the day before Harry's so we sang to him too.

Check out Uncle Joe's smooth moves. He provides some secret help, after Harry fails in several attempts to blow out the candle himself.

Sigh. Three years old!

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Kate said...

yea! happy birthday, harry! can't believe it. seems like just yesterday he was a little 10 month old coming over to our house every day...

p.s. we probably need more max and june pictures, don't we? : )