A Day in the Life of Max

We have approximately 450 toys. But everyday, this is what Max likes to do:
1) Play with age-appropriate toys that Mom has put in front of me for exactly 25 seconds.
2) Check to see if Mom is looking. If not, book it as quickly as possible via army crawl maneuver to the Christmas tree. Swat at low Lightning McQueen and Elmo ornaments. If have time, pull Christmas tree skirt over face and play peek-a-boo.
3) Mom will ruin this fun, so act interested in a block until she is distracted, then go straight for the cat scratch mat. Once that becomes boring, move on to the stainless steel garbage can, where you can try to touch the cute baby in the reflection. Man! Mom is ruining it again and pulling us away.
4) This next step is a tricky move. You have to wait until Harry is crying or has done something bad and she is really distracted, then you have to race across the kitchen floor to the cat water bowl! Yeah! Then splash around in that! Although you will be lucky if you get one splash in before Mom freaks out.
5) If you are still allowed on the floor after all this, go for the bar stools. Try to pull them over on yourself. It is hilarious. Mom does not like it. She will return you to the starting line in the middle of the toys again, but hey, what is that I see? A Christmas tree? Let's go check that out!

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Kate said...


he's a clever one, that Max.