Harry the Hollywood Mogul

Here's Max right now. We're all digging him, even our little Harvey Weinstein:

So our computer -- the one with all the photos from our trips to Fort Wayne and Wisconsin -- is broken and in need of repair. I can't catch you up on all that YET. But I can give you a picture of life here right now.
Harry appears to have turned into a miniature Hollywood producer, one who has no time or patience for the likes of me. Today, he asked me for a glass of milk after waking from his nap. I poured him a glass and served it how he usually likes it, but he SCREAMED at me as if I was torturing him.
"No MILK!!!!" (crying, wailing on the floor, looking at me as if I am the most ridiculous person on earth.)
The rest of the day went pretty much the same -- yelling at me for doing EXACTLY as he asked.
I'm told this is life with a 2-year-old. Help.


Stephanie said...

You should refer to this child as "MiniCrys".

Kate said...

Okay, first, as the parent of an uber-sensitve spontaneous cryer, I totally sympathize.

Second - the most hilarious line in this whole thing was, "I poured him a glass of milk and served it how he usually likes it." As if you are mixing him a martini.

Nana said...

I love these other two comments. He is totally a two year old. I love it! Nana