Daddy's shadow directs the placement of the Christmas tree.

With the tree finally up, it's obviously time for a Christmas dance!

Harry has been lining up his trains and cars on any table or surface he can find. We think he's going to be very pleased with the train table Grandpa made him for Christmas.

This picture perfectly captures Harry at the moment -- He always has a car or truck in each hand. And if he doesn't, he is asking "Where red car go?"

Racing Georgia up the slide at the indoor playground.

Sometimes, Harry just needs some "me" time. He'll close the door, sit in his chair with his "Elmo ni-ni" and rock. Once recharged, he's ready to play. "I play trains more!" is a common refrain in our house. He doesn't know it yet, but his New Year's resolution is going to be the ditching of the "ni-ni." (pacifier) It lives in his crib so he only uses it when he sleeps or is sick, but I fear it's going to be tough. He so loves it.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

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