We know. We're pretty cute, aren't we?

Harry and his girl, Georgia, spend Tuesday through Thursday just "hanging out."

Harry: "Georgia, just say it. Just say what's on your mind."
Georgia: "OK, Harry, I really wish you would share the stuffed monkey more. I just really feel like I don't get enough quality time with him."

Harry: "We're playing."
Georgia: "WE'RE PLAYING!!!!!!WE'RE PLAYING!!!!!!"

Harry: "I think I've figured out this door thing. You see if Aunt Steph is coming. We'll make a run for it."
Georgia: "Oh, no, I think she's on to us."

"I'm sorry, Steph, what language are you speaking? We prefer these words: Car, truck, purple and roar (as in what does a lion say?). Please address us with those words."

Harry: "You said CAR!!!!!"
Georgia: "I say L is for the Loser who says 'Car' 475 times a day. Oops, I have it upside down."

Georgia: "Dude, you know I'm just kidding. I love you, man."
Harry: "I know, I know. I love you too."

"Why are you giving us these, Aunt Steph? We, like, already know the alphabet because we're brilliant! Have you heard us sing E-I-E-I-O?"



Kate said...

love it! (of course)

Susan said...

Absolutely adorable photos.