The nannyshare

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, Georgia...

To bring everyone up to speed, Harry goes to the brilliantly baby-proofed home of Kate & Joe three days a week for the nannyshare. Already, our nanny (Stephanie) says that Harry is very focused on saying "Ja, Ja" all day.

To give you some background:
Stephanie=Crystal's sister
Kate=Beth's sister
Beth=Crystal's very good friend
If you do some algebra here, I think you will find that basically all the sisters are now friends:)

So far, the only problem has been that Harry seems to have only one way to express his excitement upon seeing Georgia. That is to SHRIEK at the top of his lungs, (OMIGOD, THERE SHE IS!!I WANT TO PLAY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!) Which, as you might imagine, could be a bit jarring to her. Aunt Steph is crossing her fingers that he'll calm down sometime soon.

Here, they are playing, without any shrieking....

And to provide a full and ACCURATE picture of the nannyshare, here they are playing, WITH some shrieking, from Georgia this time. Stephanie says that Harry is trying to touch Georgia's head, and is not smacking her in the head, as it appears here. Anyway, she does not want him to touch her head!!!

Later, the nanny catches her charges in all their cuteness:

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Kate said...

1) I love it that you worked some MATH into this post about the nannyshare. How appropriate. : )
2) I hear you're holding back more photos! What kind of inaccurate reporter are you, missy? I think this calls for an updated post.