(Insert sad face here)

I had hoped this post would be filled with photos of our fun-filled weekend with Lara and Mike, who were in from D.C. We were supposed to sip margaritas, grill out, catch up. Instead we were sipping ginger ale, eating saltines and fretting over our little one, who was hit with the stomach flu on Saturday. At brunch that morning, Harry appeared to be trying out for The Exorcist. A 12-week-old with the stomach flu is a sad and scary sight (at least for the first-time freaked-out parents). The fun was only enhanced when Rob and I were hit with it as well. Unfortunately, the only photo I have to share from this weekend is this sad one, of sick little Harry holding onto his giraffe :(


Alice T. said...

it's ok Harry - I had absolutely no fun without you last weekend and missed you tons. let's get together soon. love, Alice

Heather said...

such a cute boy.